Case Studies

Case Studies

Air Starter Test Stand

Air starter test stand designed, built, and programmed completely in-house.

Automated Energy Star Tester

Used by a Tier-1 computer manufacturing client to automate Energy Star testing of desktops, workstations, and servers.

Automated Reactor Platform

A global pharmaceutical company's choice for automatically controlling their crystallization reactors

Capacitance Tester

Combines end-of-line tests to realize significant time and cost savings.

Cleaning and Conditioning Process Line

Modernized an existing system through a hardware redesign and I/O hardware and firmware overhaul.

Dolphin Detector

Remote monitoring system which Duke University Marine Lab uses to detect dolphin activity off the North Carolina Coast.

F-15 AMAD Test Stand

Designed and fabricated an operator-friendly test stand equipped with custom DAQ hardware enabling fully automated testing procedures.

Fuel Cell Tester

Enables unattended operation of crucial reliability tests.

Fuel Metering Unit Test Stand

Software redesign enabling automated testing and operator-friendly calibration.

Heat Pump Tester

Test system which allos engineers to access critical test data for product and manufacturing improvements.

Helicopter Blade Test Facility Software Update

Added features to increase the usability of the legacy software.

Ion Implanter Controller

Reverse-engineered optic communications protocol allowed client to keep expensive ion implanter and retrofit the control and data acquisition system.

Nose Gearbox Test Stand

Retrofit of an existing H-53 gearbox test stand with state-of-the-art controls, modern user interface, and vibration monitoring system.

Stack Emissions Auditing

Automates and simplifies complex EPA mandated test procedures.

Tow and Cargo Hook Test Stand

Redesigned existing stand to improve accurate control of the tensioning force and operator efficiency.

Valve Train Tester

Testing system developed for a championship NHRA drag-racing team.