Green Engineering

KDY solutions are having a positive impact on the environment. KDY systems have helped clients design higher efficiency computers, obtain additional energy from renewable sources through organic fuel cells, monitor the nation's largest power plants for carbon emissions and other pollutants, and provide regulatory agencies with the tools needed to help protect our ecosystem . As part of our focus on green engineering,

KDY offers:

  • Robust data acquisition systems based on National Instruments PXI, National Instruments C-Series modules, and application-specific third-party instruments
  • Elegant software flow with EPA standards and processes built into the application
  • Application-specific calculations for emissions concentrations, power consumption, composition, and other environmentally important parameters
  • Energy Star Tester
  • Fuel Cell Tester
  • Stack Emissions Auditing System
  • Mobile Monitoring System Oil/Gas Plant Emissions
  • Mobile Monitoring System Landfill Emissions
  • Jet Engine Emissions DAQ/Analysis System
National Instruments Alliance Partners Certified LabVIEW Developer Underwriters Laboratory
"KDY provided an automated platform for Energy Star testing of workstations and servers. From data acquisition, to instrument control, to low-level interaction with operating systems, KDY demonstrated a clear understanding of needs and delivered solutions that exceeded our expectations."
- Al Makley, Lead Thermal and Acoustic Engineer, Lenovo