Aerospace and Defense

KDY services the unique needs of the aerospace and defense industry with robust, time-proven, high-quality solutions. We are an experienced prime contractor and subcontractor. Our nation's military and defense contractors require not only test systems, but also complete service offerings, including non-proprietary data rights, delivery of source code, thorough and complete documentation, and the highest quality commercial-off-the-shelf components. For our aerospace and defense clients,

KDY offers:

  • Solutions developed in LabVIEW and TestStand by certified developers
  • 508A UL Certified Panel Shop
  • Drawings prepared to ASME Y14.100 standards
  • Design reviews, configuration audits
  • Services such as installation, start-up training, follow-on consulting, and support included in all contracts
  • CCR and ORCA registered
  • CAGE code 52BD6; DUNS # 825135135
  • F-15 AMAD Test Stand

    Designed and fabricated an operator-friendly test stand equipped with custom DAQ hardware enabling fully automated testing procedures.

  • Nose Gearbox Test Stand

    Retrofit of an existing H-53 gearbox test stand with state-of-the-art controls, modern user interface, and vibration monitoring system.

  • Cleaning and Conditioning Process Line
  • Fuel Metering Unit Test Stand
  • Tow & Cargo Hook Test Stand
  • F-15 AMAD Test Stand
  • USMC Nose Gearbox Test Stand
  • USMC Whirltower
  • C-130 In-flight Balancer Test Stand
National Instruments Alliance Partners Certified LabVIEW Developer Underwriters Laboratory
"The upgrade of the Nose Gearbox Test Stand computer software/hardware, the data acquisition system, and the vibration monitoring system has been one of the smoothest projects I have worked on. KDY is one of the best to the best contractors that I have ever worked with!"
- Janice Young, Electronics Engineering Technician, USMC's Fleet Readiness Center East