In today's high-tech academic environment, there is fierce competition for every research dollar available. Faculty and students must focus their efforts, eliminate wasted time, and generate data much faster than in the past. Academic laboratories increasingly resemble industry research institutions in their complexity and the need for automation. From marine life monitoring to thin film deposition, KDY helps scientists at the world's most prestigious universities automate their laboratory processes and improve the quality of their data.

KDY offers:

  • Automated vacuum systems, instruments, and characterization tools
  • Chemical, optical, and biochemical processes
  • Assistance with proposal writing and reporting
  • Reduced-cost, academic-only rates
  • Dolphin Detector

    Remote monitoring system which Duke University Marine Lab uses to detect dolphin activity off the North Carolina Coast

  • Duke Marine Lab Dolphin Detector
  • UNC Lineberger Cancer Center Shadow Deposition System
  • Duke Medical School UV Particle Analysis System
National Instruments Alliance Partners Certified LabVIEW Developer Underwriters Laboratory
"You can't imagine how happy I am with the system, an automated pumping power supply that finally works!!"
- Dr. Jack Griffith, Kenan Distinguished Professor of Microbiology and Immunology and Biochemistry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.